Medium of Communication

  • In order to boost up oral communication skills in English all conversations between teachers and students inside the campus shall be in English language only. Use of other languages should be an exception.

Dress Code

  • Students shall be in full uniform, in accordance with the stipulations prescribed by the college in the prospectus, including full-length pants, identity cards, and black shoes or black formal sandals (from June to September) and plain black headscarves or black belt as applicable.

  • Boys are expected to keep their hair short and girls are expected to tie up their hair and come in a manner appropriate for the academic environment.

  • Students who violate the rule shall be identified during the zero hours from 09.30 AM to 9.40 AM and shall not be allowed to attend the class for the rest of the day.

  • In case of any bodily injury, students shall be entitled for relaxation of uniform rules with the written permission of the class teacher.

  • Students who have lost their ID cards should carry a Temporary ID card which shall be issued from BSOLS Office on the payment of a cost, with a fine.

  • Students attending college on holidays shall be in full uniform.

  • Students are expected to be in uniform on special days such as Coffee with the Master, Guest Lectures, Legal Aid Clinic days, etc.

  • Students who are not in proper uniform shall not be allowed to enter class/campus (as the case may be).


  • Time of arrival – All students shall be inside the classroom by 09.25 AM.

  • A student having a genuine reason may be considered by the class teacher for entry into the classroom up till 09.40 AM after which no student is allowed to enter for the 1st hour.

  • The gate shall be closed at 10.00 AM every day. The entry of students’ vehicles on the campus after 10 am will not be allowed. Students who arrive after 10.00 AM for attending the second hour shall be admitted inside campus subject to permission being given by a designated faculty member, (Ph. No:9207748070). Once the student is allowed to enter, he/she should meet the aforesaid Faculty Member and get permission in writing which should be submitted to the class teacher during the first break. The class teacher shall review the reason for the late entry of the student. In the event of more than three late entries, the matter will be reported to HOD.

  • The gate shall be kept open during all intervals. No permission for entry shall be granted after the interval.

  • Out pass shall be issued by the concerned class teacher. Only three out passes shall be issued in a semester without the consent of the HOD and the Principal.

  • Students are normally permitted to remain in the campus only till 5.00 p.m. Students are allowed to be inside the Law School building only if they are engaged in extra-curricular activities with the permission of the concerned faculty or for using the library.

Academic Rules

  • Oral Presentation shall be compulsory for all assignments.

  • Assignments shall be submitted on the due date prescribed for submission by the subject teacher. Late submission of the assignments will not be allowed.

  • Students shall strictly adhere to submission dates prescribed for their assignments in each subject, irrespective of intervening exams or other programs that might be held in the Law School.

  • Students should be present on time for all their internal examinations. Students shall not be permitted to enter the exam hall if they arrive 10 minutes after commencement of the examination.

  • Students creating disturbance of any kind within the examination hall or attempting to engage in malpractices or exhibiting unruly conduct shall have their examination cancelled for that subject and shall be subjected to disciplinary proceedings, wherever found appropriate.

  • Student are not be allowed to carry their mobile phones into the examination hall.

    1. There shall be three test papers for each subject in a semester. Attendance and pass( with a minimum of 40%) in all the test papers are compulsory. In case any student could not appear in any of the three tests / fail to secure the minimum required for a pass, a mercy chance shall be allowed. Those who want to improve their performance can also appear for this test with the permission of the teacher concerned. The highest score of the best three shall be taken for calculating the internal marks set apart for the test papers (i.e.5 marks). However, if a student fail to secure the minimum required for a pass in any of the tests, average of the best three scores will be taken for awarding his internal marks.

    There shall be arranged revision exercises for each paper which will be followed by a      model examination of 3 (three) hours duration. The question paper pattern followed by the University in its end semester examinations shall invariably be followed in the model examination also. Students shall ensure that they secure a minimum pass percentage of 40% for their model exam which carry a maximum of 5 (five) marks. The marks they secure 40% and above for the exam shall be considered for awarding internal marks under this head.

    If the student secures a minimum of 40% and above in all the tests and the models held, the best scored among the four shall be the marks that can be awarded out of ten (ten) for the students.

    In case of failure to secure the minimum of 40% for all the test exercises including the model Examination, average of the four shall be the internal score that a student can secure out of 10 (ten) as his/her marks for internals for that paper.


  • All claims regarding attendance should be submitted before the 2nd week of each month. Attendance for the previous month shall be published by the 5th of every month or the next working day.

  • Any grievance in respect of published attendance should be submitted within three working days from the date of publishing

Class Room Rules

  • Respect to teachers – Students violating the decorum of the class or disrespecting/obstructing the teacher from exercising his/her duty shall be asked to leave the class. Such conduct shall be reported to the HOD/Principal and the students shall be suspended from class for one day.

  • Students are not allowed to carry their mobile phones into the class room. They shall hand it over at the reception counter for safe custody. They can take back the phone only when they leave the campus.

  • Penalty for using mobile phones –Bringing and using mobile phone during class hours shall be followed by suspension of the student for 2 days. On the expiry of the suspension period, parents should be present to take back the phone and the concerned student shall furnish an undertaking (countersigned by the parent) to the effect that such violations will not be repeated.

  • Students should maintain decorum while attending the class and follow class timings strictly.

  • Students should request their parents to convey urgent messages, if any, to the BSOLS office for communication to the students.

  • Students are not permitted entry into other classrooms.

  • The notices shall be read in class and will be put on the general notice board. Short notice intimations to students shall be communicated by the class teachers through the class representatives.

External Competitions

  • Students attending external events/competitions may be provided with attendance for a maximum of five days in one semester provided they have sought the prior permission of their class teacher in writing to attend the event and they produce a certificate of participation.

  • If students wish to attend out of state competitions/events they should produce the consent letter of their parents to that effect, in writing.

  • For students attending external competitions, the management may consider providing a share of the registration fees.

  • Students attending the MG University Youth Festival may be permitted practice for a maximum of one week immediately before the competition. Such practice shall only be permitted between 1 pm and 5 pm.

  • Participants for the MG University Youth Festival shall be selected based on a screening conducted in the Law School.

  • No practice hours shall be granted for intra- collegiate competitions.

  • Moot Competitions – If a team is representing the Law School  for an external moot, they may be granted a maximum of seven working days for research immediately before the final date for submission of memorial and one working day for trial presentations immediately before the date of the competition.

Club Activities

  • Club Activities

    1. All club activities shall happen after 3.30 p.m. The following is the schedule for the club activities:
    • Nature Club – 1st Thursday of the month;
    • Debate Club – 2nd Monday of the month;
    • Quiz Club – 2nd Thursday of the month;
    • Moot Club – 3rd Wednesday of the month; and
    • Legal Aid – 3rd Friday of the month.
  • Sports and Arts Day shall be held in the month of August-September subject to the academic schedule of the university and the Law School.

  • Coffee with the Master program shall be held once in a month on the 3rd

Smoking and use of alcohol or narcotic substances

  • If a student is found smoking within the campus or under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic/psychotropic substances, the student shall be placed under suspension for 5 working days and same shall be intimated to the parents.

  • For a second violation, the student shall be suspended for 10 working days.

  • In the event of a third violation, the student shall be dismissed from the college.

  • Students are prohibited from bringing to the campus explosives, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, weapons or any other material, that is capable of causing injury to others or damage to property. Students found violating this rule shall be subject to dismissal from college and the incident shall be intimated to the police.


  • For any concern relating to a student/students, the hierarchy to be followed for reporting the matter shall be as follows – Class Teacher to Head of the Department (HOD); HOD to Principal; and Principal to Director. This has to be strictly followed.

  • Loitering, whistling, howling in corridors etc. are strictly banned.

  • Students are expected to maintain discipline and appropriate etiquette at all times.

  • Students are not allowed to bring visitors to campus for any reason whatsoever, except with the prior approval of the Principal.

  • Students are not allowed to bring visitors to campus for any reason whatsoever, except with the prior approval of the Principal

  • Students are not permitted to hold celebrations inside the campus without the express permission of the college authorities. Permissions are to be sought in writing, five working days prior to the date of the event. In addition, classrooms shall not be used for personal celebrations such as birthday or other special days.

  • Students are not permitted to visit the canteen during class hours

  • Students shall not use the services of the Law School to send or store obscene, defamatory, indecent or otherwise unlawful content.

  • Students’ vehicles are allowed only up to the designated parking area. Entry of vehicles beyond that point is strictly prohibited.

  • Students found destroying or defacing furniture will be asked to replace such items or be fined for the same.

  • Tours shall be permitted only after the 3rd Year. The tour shall begin only on a Wednesday and has to be completed by the following Saturday (not more than 4 days and 3 nights). Students should attend class on the next Monday.

  • The itinerary of the tour, the consent of the faculty members accompanying and the consent letters from parents should be submitted to the Principal by the Class Teacher, ten working days before the date of the tour.

  • Crackers or other explosives should not be used on campus. Students violating this rule shall be subject to suspension from the college.

  • Outsiders shall not be allowed on campus except with the prior permission of the Principal sought five days before.

  • In the event of violation of any of the rules laid down herein, the student concerned shall be liable to submit an explanation to the Class Teacher in writing. If the explanation offered is found to be unsatisfactory, disciplinary action against the student concerned shall follow.

  • Students are prohibited from conducting or engaging in any sort of political activities within the Law School premises. Students are not permitted to set up political units in the campus or organize or attend any such meetings inside the Law School premises.

  • Students shall not hold any agitations, demonstrations, dharnas etc. inside the campus so that no obstruction/disturbance is caused to the smooth functioning of the Law School and conduct of classes. Students shall not disrupt ongoing classes or prevent teachers from conducting classes or other students from attending classes. Any student on strike who disrupts the activity afore stated is liable to be removed by the police on complaint made by the Principal or Head of Department. This is of course in addition to the entitlement of the Law School authorities to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the erring student who disrupted the academic activity.(Ref: See judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in Leo LukoseCUSAT and others in WP(C)No.33335 of 2015.)