Our Vision

To create a legally conscious society, by providing quality education that is professionally competent and socially relevant so as to realize the constitutional goal of social, economic, and political justice thereby facilitating human rights to every man. Our vision is to primarily inculcate in everyone a spirit of high moral and human values with an abiding faith in God expressed in active concern for others.

Our Mission

  • Provide an educational environment where students can realize their full potential in their chosen discipline and attain quality education to face the challenges of the future.
  • Provide a variety of high quality programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels for all specialization and disciplines.
  • Provide a dynamic, challenging and ethical environment for pursuing high quality teaching, learning, research, and service across all the areas of knowledge, where students, faculty and other key constituents can interact, collaborate and partner with the global community for creation and dissemination of knowledge and transform lives of people through innovation and excellence in higher education.

Our Motto

The Christian idea of love & service is integrated with service to our motherland, in the college motto “For God & Country”.