About Programme

Five-year programme of B.Com LL.B is called integrated because its course curriculum involves the study of commerce along with the in-depth study of law and corporate world.

In the recent past, five year LLB degree has gained great importance because more focused and serious students are opting the legal education stream straight after +2 level

Intake: 60

50% of the seats are based on the Entrance Examination conducted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations, Government of Kerala. These students are allotted and admitted to the college after the centralized counselling conducted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations, Government of Kerala; 50% of the seats are filled by the Management.


Minimum percentage of marks not below 45% (without Rounding) of the total marks in case of general category applicants and 40 % of total marks (without Rounding) in case of SC and ST applicants, must be obtained for the qualifying examination, such as +2 examination

Duration of the programme

The programmes shall consist of regular study for a minimum period of 10 semesters in five academic years, after plus two.

Lateral Entry and Exit

There shall be no lateral entry on the plea of graduation in any subject or exit by way of awarding a degree splitting the integrated double degree course, at any intermediary stage of an integrated double degree course.


Tuition Fee27000 (27000 + 3000 (CEE FEE)) = 30000
Special Fee5000
Refundable Deposit50000
Caution Deposit5000
M G U Fee2290
IT Support1000


Tuition Fee45000
Special Fee5000
Refundable Deposit50000
Caution Deposit5000
M G U Fee2290
IT Support1000


I Semester

  • FE-1 General English-1
  • FC-1 Business Management
  • FC-2 Business Communication and Management Information System
  • FC-3 Perspectives and Methodology of Business Studies
  • FL-1 Law of Torts including M.V Act and Consumer Protection Laws
  • FL-2 Constitutional Law-1

II Semester

  • FE-2 General ENGLISH-2
  • FC-4 Financial Accounting
  • FC-5 Entrepreneurship, Development and Management Information System
  • FC-6 Financial Services
  • FL-3 Constitutional LAW-2
  • FL-4 Law of Contract

III Semester

  • FE-3 General Englilsh-3
  • FC-7 Capital Marketing
  • FC-8 Business Statistics
  • FL-5 Specific Contract
  • FL-6 Law of Crimes: Paper 1- Penal Code
  • FL-7 Health Law

IV Semester

  • FM-1/ FH-1 Malayalam-1 / Hindi-1
  • FC-9 Cost Accounting
  • FC-10 Management Accounting
  • FL-8 Family Law-1
  • FL-9 Land Laws including Tenure&Tenancy System
  • FL-10 Jurisprudence

V Semester

  • FC-11 Corporate Accounting
  • FL-11 Family LAW-2
  • FL-12 Property Law
  • FL-13 Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
  • FL-14 Law of Crimes: Paper 2-CRIMINAL Procedure Code

VI Semester

  • FM-3/FH-3Malayalam-3 / Hindi-3
  • FC-12 Practical Auditing
  • FL-15 Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
  • FL-16 Administrative Law
  • FL-17 Law of Evidence
  • FL-18 Labour Law and Industrial Law: Paper-1

VII Semester

  • FP-13 Political Science 7: Introduction to International Relations

  • FL-19 Labour and Industrial Law: PAPER-2

  • FL-20 Company Law

  • FL-21 Local Self Government including Panchayath Administration

  • FL-22 Banking Law 3

  • FL-23 Compulsory Clinical Paper 1- Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance

VIII Semester

  • FP-14 Political Science 8: Theories and Privileges of Public Administration.
  • FL-24 International Human Rights
  • FL-25 Principles of Taxation Law
  • FL-26 Insurance Law
  • FL-27 Women and Criminal Law
  • FL-28 Compulsory Clinical Paper 2- Professional Ethics &Professional Accounting System

XI Semester

  • FL-29 Public International Law
  • FL-30 Investment Law (Securities) 3
  • FL-31 Environmental Law
  • FL-32 Information Technology Law
  • FL-33 Compulsory Clinical Paper 3-Alternate Dispute Resolution

X Semester

  • FL-34 Maritime Law
  • FL-35 Penology and Victimology FL-36 Private International Law
  • FL-37 IPR Management
  • FL-38 Compulsory Clinical Paper 4-Moot Court and Internship
  • FL-39 Viva-voce Examination