Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan LLMBharata Mata School of Legal Studies (BSOLS ) provides an excellent ambiance that nurtures the students in legal education for higher excellence in their lives under M.G. University and approved by Bar Council of India, New Delhi. The college is determined to provide interactive learning through case studies, group discussions, seminars, debates, role-plays, live projects, moot courts, and other extracurricular activities. These tools will sharpen critical thinking, decision making, and enhancing the rigour and relevance of the curriculum.
The BSOLS faculty is committed to impart world-class learning to the students. The emphasis is on building strong leadership, positive attitude, and ethical behavior so as to make the lawyers contribute to the national development and social change in a much more constructive manner. Our students are given special coaching in Judicial Magistrate training, IAS Coaching, PSC Coaching, and other professional training programme to equip for successful career development. We echoe in them the slogan of the history,” Do not limit your challenges but challenge your limit”. While preparing the students for the severity of the competitive world of law, BSOLS never loses sight of the need to continually reinforce values such as fair play, integrity, and respect for the dissent.
Welcome to Bharat Mata School of Legal Studies. You are about to embark on the most intellectual, challenging, the most rewarding and educational experiences of your life. The knowledge and skills you gain here over the five years will form the foundation of your legal career and make competent and committed world-renowned legal practitioners for God and country.

Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan LLM