Niyamodayam(Outreach Program)

Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies recognizes the importance of providing legal aid to those in need. In order to ensure the effective delivery of this service, it has established a dedicated wing known as “Niyamodayam.” The mission of Niyamodayam is to ensure that all individuals have access to legal services regardless of their financial situation. The services will be available to all members of society, including low-income families, senior citizens, women, children, and individuals with disabilities.


1) The legal aid services provided by Niyamodayam shall be easily accessible to all. This shall be achieved by establishing multiple channels for accessing legal aid, including phone, email, in-person consultations, and online chat services without any discrimination.
2) The legal aid services provided by Niyamodayam shall be affordable for all. The institution shall establish a sliding fee scale for its services, with fees determined based on the income of the client. The institution shall also provide free legal aid services to clients who cannot afford to pay.
3) The legal aid services provided by Niyamodayam shall be of high quality. The institution shall recruit experienced and qualified lawyers to provide legal aid services.
4) Establish partnerships with other organizations (e.g., NGOs) to ensure that our services are available to the most vulnerable members of society.
5) Niyamodayam shall continuously monitor and evaluate the quality of the legal aid services provided and shall take appropriate measures to improve the quality of services based on feedback received from clients and lawyers providing legal aid services.