• The code of conduct has been framed for BSOLS non teaching staff. It states a set of principles, professional and personal conduct expected of a staff by the institution. The code of conduct is to uphold the honor and dignity of Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies.

    Our code of conduct sets forth our core values, shared responsibilities, commitments and promises. Each one of us is responsible for our own actions and for that the code of conduct is the best choice.

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Responsibility to support the institution in its efforts to create an open and mutually supportive environment.

  • Responsibility to share information and give willing assistance in furthering the goals and objectives of the institution.

  • Responsibility to ensure that there is no misinterpretation of facts. Wherever a misunderstanding is thought to have taken place through unclear communications; this should be corrected promptly

  • Be honest and not place any personal gains or advantages before the institution’s interest.

  • Be a person of integrity.

  • Be honest and impartial in all your acts.

  • Be modest in your way of dressing.

  • Be modest in your behavior towards the students. Avoid using abusive language.

  • Be diligent in your work.

  • Work collaboratively with faculty and other staff.

  • Treat colleagues with respect and collegially.

  • Avoid snacks unnecessary loud talk during the office hours.

  • Avoid any personal, financial or other interests that may hinder their capability or willingness to perform duties.

  • From each section one can avail the break time as per your convenience. You must see that your seat is not vacant.   The institution does not concern it with the private lives of its staff unless they affect its effective operation or its reputation. Members of staff who are relatives should not normally have authorizing relationship with each other.

Punctuality and Attendance

  • Staff must report in time to duty as per the working hours prescribed and should be available in the campus unless and otherwise they are assigned duties elsewhere.

  • The working time of college is from 9 am to 5 pm, work week being Monday to Friday.

  • Saturday’s office time is 9.30 am to 4.00 pm and 2nd Saturdays’ 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

  • In case of exigencies, the management may decide to extend the work time and work week. You are expected to abide by the above mentioned timing. If the employee is coming 10 minutes late for three consecutive days it will be considered as a half day leave. If more than half an hour full day leave will be marked.

  • Employees are expected to arrive at work on time. If an employee anticipates late arrival he or she must inform the office secretary in advance to allow for schedule changes and to handle coverage of working hours. Repeated late arrivals will be recorded as misconduct in the employee’s file. Lapses in punctuality will not be acceptable.

  • Employees who want to go out for any personal matter can sign the movement register and leave only for half an hour. If you need more time you need to take half day leave.


  • Prior written permission is required from the Vice Principal (Administration) at least a day in advance while availing CL or OD.

  • Emergency leave as well as sudden delay in coming should be informed to the Vice Principal (Administration) before 8 am. All must report for duty on reopening day and last day of each Semester.

  • 16 days leave can be availed in a calendar year wherein 12 days as casual leave and 4 days sick leave.

Mobile phones and Internet

  • Use of mobile phones during office hours is strictly prohibited.

  • Mobile phones must be used only to make urgent calls during the office hours.

  • Use of Internet is solely for official purpose.

  • Staff should be formal in dealing with WhatsApp messages.

    I agree to abide by the code of conduct of Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies and assure that I will uphold the values of Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies.