• The code of conduct has been framed for Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies Faculty. It states a set of principles, professional and personal conduct expected of a teacher by the institution. The code of conduct is not a disciplinary tool, nor will it cover every situation. The code of conduct is to uphold the honour and dignity of teaching profession.

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Faculties should handle the subjects assigned by the Director or Principal.

  • Faculties should complete the syllabus on time. Faculties shall produce good results in the subjects handled by them and are accountable for the same.

  • Tutor- Ward system must be effectively implemented. Faculties shall monitor the respective group of students assigned to them.

  • Assignment topics for each course are to be given to the students as per instructions. Presentation section should be displayed on the notice.

  • Faculties should be good counsellors and facilitators. They should help, guide, encourage and assist the students to ensure that the Teaching-Learning process is effective and successful. Value based education must be their motto.

  • Value based education is the core element of our institution and we must try to impart it.

  • Faculties should maintain decorum both inside and outside the classroom and set a good example to the students.

  • Faculties should carry out other academic, co-curricular and organizational activities that may be assigned to them from time to time.

  • Faculties are not allowed to take and give any gifts from the students and parents.

Punctuality and Attendance

  • Faculties must report in time to duty as per the working hours prescribed and should be available in the campus unless and otherwise they are assigned duties elsewhere.

  • The working time of college is from 9 am to 5 pm, work week being Monday to Friday.

  • In case of exigencies, the management may decide to extend the work time and work week. You are expected to abide by the above mentioned timing. If the employee is coming 10 minutes late for two consecutive days it will be considered as a half day leave. If more than half an hour full day leave will be marked.

  • The Original certificate (Qualifying Certificate) shall be submitted at the time of joining and shall be returned only after relieving from the institution.

  • Faculties should sign the attendance register while reporting for duty.

  • Faculties are expected to present in the college campus at least 10 minutes before the college beginning time.

  • Faculties should communicate all information through common mail provided by the College.

  • Faculties should remain in the campus till the end of the college hours.

  • Leaving the institution in the middle of the semester is not permitted. The staff will be relieved only at the end of the semester after completing the entire syllabus and other related academic work.

  • Dress code must be followed at all times, Men-Formal Shirts & Pants neatly tucked in. Women-Saree, Churidhar with shawl (leggings are not permitted. ID must be worn at all times.

  • Faculties have to be vigilant at all times while students are gathered. Any untoward incident must be informed to higher authorities.


  • Prior written permission is required from the Vice Principal (academics) at least a day in advance while availing CL or OD.

  • Emergency leave as well as sudden delay in coming should be informed to the management before 8 am. All must report for duty on reopening day and last day of each Semester.

  • 12 days leave can be availed in a calendar year wherein 8 days as casual leave and 4 days sick leave.

Mobile phones and Internet

  • Faculty members must not enter into the Examination Hall with any mobile phones.

  • Use of mobile phones in the classroom is strictly prohibited.

  • Faculty contact details can be provided to students and their parents for any academics related queries during your convenient time.

  • Mobile phones must be used only to make urgent calls during academic hours.

  • Use of Internet is solely for educational purpose.

  • Faculties should be formal in dealing with WhatsApp messages.